West Africa Coalition Against Trafficking in Person & Smuggling of Migrants, (WACTIPSOM) is a coalition of CSOs across west Africa nations that has anti-trafficking in person and smuggling of migrants as part of their thematic area.

WACTIPSOM is made up of civil societies Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Togo.

This is supported by the European Union through ATIPSOM Project – Implemented by FIIAPP with NACTAL as the lead in implementation of the regional collaboration structure called WACTIPSOM.

Our History & Formation

The discussion on the creation of WACTIPSOM started in the month of February, 2020 with support from A-TIPSOM project; while NACTAL provided the lead – working with other organizations including WACSOF.
The need to come together became imperative in the wake of the surge of trafficking and smuggling of migrants in the West African region. The inaugural planning committee meeting was held on 11th March 2020 at Abuja, Federal Capital Territory Nigeria. Present at the meeting were the leadership of A-TIPSOM, NACTAL & WACSOF.

The Action Against trafficking in Persons and Smuggling of Migrants in Nigeria (ATIPSOM) began in 2018, through an agreement between the European Union Delegation (EUD) and the Government of Nigeria. A Delegation Agreement was signed in June 2018 between the European Union and FIIAPP, which is the coordinating unit managing the bulk of the program. The program is designed to reduce trafficking in persons (TIP) and smuggling of migrants (SOM) at national and regional level with specific emphasis on women and children.

The expected outcomes are: (1) Improved governance of the migration sector in Nigeria, with specific focus on the fight against TIP and SOM; (2) Enhanced prevention of TIP and SOM in key states of origin and of transit; (3) Improved protection, return and reintegration of victims of trafficking and of smuggling from Europe (4) Enhanced identification, investigation and prosecution of traffickers and smugglers (5) More effective cooperation at national, regional and international level in fighting TIP and SOM.


A continent with proficient coordination of CSOs across the border that makes human trafficking almost impossible and smuggling of migrant thing of the past.


To foster collaboration among CSOs to reduce the incidence of human trafficking and migrant smuggling in West African region.

Through WACTIPSOM, organizations across West African region work together to mitigate human trafficking and smuggling of migrants.

For us at WACTIPSOM, we recognize that to end human trafficking and smuggling of migrants, organizations must work closely and effectively together, and leverage on the strength, experiences and resources of each other.

Our Values

Collaboration with foundation on trust and professionalism for sharing of information and practices for the prevention of TIP and SOM – for the best interest of victims.


WACTIPSOM member organizations are committed to informing others about the situation in their countries; their successes and challenges; and the lessons we learn about what works.


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